We have had a chance to ride the new Cane Creek Helm fork and so far, sooo good. Helm forks are currently built for 27.5 inch wheels

and Boost, 15mm x 110mm hubs. Standard hub with is 100mm.

The fork has been as smooth as any fork we have had on our bikes.  The big think we initially noticed was how quiet the fork is.

Not that that is a game breaker or super important but without the sucking noise most forks make, it helps to add to the quality

level.  The front axle is easy to use, simply slide in, and rotate lock ring.  The one caveat is you will probably have to adjust the tension

ring on the lever side.  Super easy to do and makes sure wheel is tight and without play.

With a push button negative spring release valve under a good looking machined cap on the non- drive side leg, air pressure set up is easy.  (if your fork shortens when adjusting air pressure, simply hold negative air spring button down, or open, and pull up on fork crown while holding lowers down, release button, then release fork crown. There, your fork is back to factory 160mm)

One of the cool things we noticed is Cane Creek allowed plenty of metal on the hex socket head on the air side for good grip from a socket for removal (those who have stripped many air spring side caps will appreciate this)

The fork works great.  You can check out the full specs here. https://www.canecreek.com/products/suspension/helm/overview

Comes in limited edition blue and black.

Price is $1100 and there is a 29 inch version in the works.