We are a small, home grown shop here in Swannanoa, NC.  We reach out to and help those of all biking levels.  No bike

is too inexpensive or expensive.  They are all bikes and at some point, they need a little love and care.  We enjoy helping those who ride for

fun, exercise and everything in between.  Let us help you with great service, great prices and a fast turnaround time.

We order most parts on an “as needed” basis, but we do have some essentials and a few new items in stock.

We offer a variety of high quality biking products.  Check out our home page for a list.

We are a registered LLC, registered with NC as a business and also registered and trademarked with the good government of the US of A.

Thanks for checking us.

Ride Smooth, Brothers……(and sisters too)

out.The Ship Shop